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{{SCA Shire box|name = Shire of Aventiure |color = black|metal = white|device = http://www.travedsl.de/~ap5348-1/vrank/aventiure-dev2.jpg
| caption = [[Per pale]] [[sable]] and [[argent]], a [[laurel wreath]] between within six [[mullet]]s of six points [[in annulo]] [[counterchanged]]. | founded = A.S. ??? | seneschal = Vrank von Attendorn | area = Northern [[Germany]].| kingdom = Drachenwald}}
The '''Shire of Aventiure''' is a [[SCA]] [[branch]] located in the [[Kingdom of Drachenwald]], mundanely in the northern part of [[Germany]]. The members do a lot of [[craft]]s, [[service]] and [[medieval]] style [[combat]].
== External Links ==
Greetings, and welcome to the Shire of Aventiure in the Kingdom of Drachenwald. If you are interested in the SCA, the middle ages and what we do here in the northern part of Germany, please visit our website. If you enjoy crafts, history or always wanted to learn medieval style combat, this is also the place to be.
Visit the [[Shire]]'s website: http://www.shire-aventiure.de/index.html<br>
or Forum: http://cardbase.ca.ohost.de/aventiure/wbb2/index.php
[[Category:Shires (SCA)|Aventiure]]
Visit our Shire website: http://www.shire-aventiure.de/index.html

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Shire of Aventiure
Per pale sable and argent, a laurel wreath between within six mullets of six points in annulo counterchanged.
Founded: A.S. ???
In Kingdom: Drachenwald
Seneschal: Vrank von Attendorn
Modern location
Northern Germany.

The Shire of Aventiure is a SCA branch located in the Kingdom of Drachenwald, mundanely in the northern part of Germany. The members do a lot of crafts, service and medieval style combat.

External Links

Visit the Shire's website: http://www.shire-aventiure.de/index.html
or Forum: http://cardbase.ca.ohost.de/aventiure/wbb2/index.php