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{{SCA Shire box|name = Shire of Aventiure |color = black|metal = white|device = http://www.travedsl.de/~ap5348-1/vrank/aventiure-dev2.jpg
| caption = [[Per pale]] [[sable]] and [[argent]], a [[laurel wreath]] between within six [[mullet]]s of six points [[in annulo]] [[counterchanged]]. | founded = A.S. ??? | seneschal = Vrank von Attendorn | area = Northern [[Germany]].| kingdom = Drachenwald}}
The '''Shire of Aventiure''' is located in the [[Kingdom]] of [[Drachenwald]]. If you are interested in the [[SCA]], the middle ages and what we do here in the northern part of [[Germany]], please visit our website. If you enjoy crafts, history or always wanted to learn medieval style [[combat]], this is also the place to be.
The '''Shire of Aventiure''' is a [[SCA]] [[branch]] located in the [[Kingdom of Drachenwald]], mundanely in the northern part of [[Germany]]. The members do a lot of [[craft]]s, [[service]] and [[medieval]] style [[combat]].
== External Links ==
== External Links ==
Visit our [[Shire]] website: http://www.shire-aventiure.de/index.html
Visit the [[Shire]]'s website: http://www.shire-aventiure.de/index.html<br>
or Forum: http://cardbase.ca.ohost.de/aventiure/wbb2/index.php
[[Category:Shires (SCA)|Aventiure]]
[[Category:Shires (SCA)|Aventiure]]

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Shire of Aventiure
Per pale sable and argent, a laurel wreath between within six mullets of six points in annulo counterchanged.
Founded: A.S. ???
In Kingdom: Drachenwald
Seneschal: Vrank von Attendorn
Modern location
Northern Germany.

The Shire of Aventiure is a SCA branch located in the Kingdom of Drachenwald, mundanely in the northern part of Germany. The members do a lot of crafts, service and medieval style combat.

External Links

Visit the Shire's website: http://www.shire-aventiure.de/index.html
or Forum: http://cardbase.ca.ohost.de/aventiure/wbb2/index.php