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#REDIRECT [[Scottish Branles]]
The '''Scottish''' [[Branle]] (''Branle d'Ecosse'') is found in [[Orchesography]] by [[Thoinot Arbeau]], which contains two Scottish branles. There are a couple of pieces by [[Estienne du Tertre]] with the same title, but they do not seem to fit these choreographies.
==Steps Used==
* [[Double left crossing]] ('''DLx''')
* [[Double right crossing]] ('''DRx''')
* [[Single left crossing]] ('''SLx''')
* [[Single right crossing]] ('''SRx''')
* [[Pied en l'air gauche]] or kick left ('''KL''')
* [[Pied en l'air droit]] or kick right ('''KR''')
* [[Saut majeur|Saut]] ('''Sa''')
* [[Capriole]] ('''Cap''')
As with all branles, this dance is performed in a line of people holding hands or, if enough people are present, a circle. It is not necessary for the dancers to be paired into partners.
===First Scottish Branle===
DLx DRx<br>
SLx SRx<br>
===Second Scottish Branle===
DLx SRx<br>
KR KL KR Sa with Cap

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