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Scale (Armour)

Scale armour consists of small, typically metal (although leather is theorised) plates of a rounded or point shape that are overlapped in the manner of fish scales.

These scales might be attached to a leather or (less likely) fabric backing. Roman scale armour (lorica plumata) was backed onto maille.

Never a very popular defence, the individual scales were beaten out individually by hand. Punching of the individual scales during the medieval era was once believed to be an option but scale armour had virtually been abandoned before widespread use of sheet metal was introduced.

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Scale (Action)

To scale something was to climb it. Typically this term is used to refer to individuals attempting to climb the walls during a siege. Individuals attempting such a seemingly suicidal action may sometimes be seen wearing very large kettle helm style hats with large brims. There is some indication that there were special helmets designed specifically for this purpose. It is thought that the kettle helm's wide brim kept it popular with knights and soldiers for such a long time may have something to do with its great usefulness during such activities.