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:See also: ''[[Anglo-Saxon clothing]]''
:See also: ''[[Anglo-Saxon clothing]]''
==Clothing Styles by Time Period==
==Clothing by Time Period==

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Many of the clothing styles from the early Anglo-Saxons would also have been worn by early Saxons, though the styles may have shifted over time.

See also: Anglo-Saxon clothing

Clothing by Time Period







  • "Cranach" Gown
abt 1530s: A Saxon Lady’s Outfit As Seen in the Works of Lucas Cranach by Kass McGann [Images and Description, Patterns for Purchase]
Cranach Gown Part 1: Research from Truth is Stranger than Fashion blog
Cranach Gown Part 2: Skirt Construction Part 1 from Truth is Stranger than Fashion blog
16th c: Early German-Saxon (Cranach) Gowns from Sophie Stitches