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The saut is a leap in the air.
==Petit saut==
This describes a repositing of the feet via a small jump, which makes the next step easier. [[Arbeau]] gives the example of moving from [[pieds joints]] (feet flat, heels together) to [[grève droite]] (high kick right). You could shift your weight to the left foot and then kick, but it is more elegant (and slightly easier to balance) to momentarily lift the left foot and reposition it as you begin to kick with the right foot, that is a very small jump. The '''petit saut'' is assumed by default to occur when you are to make such a movement, and is usually not notated in dance descriptions
==Saut majeur==
The '''saut majeur''' is a larger version of the '''petit saut''', in which one jumps higher. This is more noticeable, takes more time, and is notated as a dance step, for example in the [[galliard]].

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