Sauce of dry proins

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Take proines and steep them in claret wine. Then take out the stones, and stamp them with a few blanched almonds, and a toste of bread soaked in the wine wherein the proines were steeped. Stampe all this together, tempering them with a little verjuice and other bastard wine, or sugar which is better. Then straine them, and put spice unto them, specially sinamon. (Epulario, or, the Italian Banquet, Giovanne de Rosselli, 1545)


1c. pitted prunes soaked in 2/3 cup of hot red wine 1/2 slice of toast 18 blanched almonds 2tsp sugar 1tsp ground cinnamon 1tsp red wine vinegar


Puree everything and add enough of the wine leftover from the soaking plus water as needed to get a good consistancy. Serve with roast meat.

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