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Original Source

10. Seudt Birne in süssem Most / thu sie auß auf ein saubers Bret / und laß kalt werden / laß den Most weiter sideden / biß er dick wirt / laß jn darnach kalt werden / streichs mit braunem Senf durch / thu alsdenn die gesottenen Birne darein / so wirt es gut und wohl geschmack. Wiltu aber ein guten Senf haben / so stoß Aniß und Coriander durcheinander / streichs durch mit braunem Senfmehl / und süssen gesottenem Wein / so wirt es gut und wohl geschmack.

10. Seethe pears in sweet grape juice/ take them out on a clean board/ and let cool/ let the juice boil/ until it is thick/ let it also get cold/ press through with brown mustard/ and through the boiled pears in it/ like this it is good and well tasting/ if you wish instead of a good mustard/ you can crush anise and coriander together/ strain through with brown mustard powder/ and sweet boiled wine/ like this it is good and well tasting.

Max Rumpolt, Ein new Kuchbuch, 1581
Translation by Ranvaig (Sharon Palmer)



10 pears, peeled and cut into chunks
750ml sweet red grape juice
3Tbsp Dijon mustard (or more or less to taste)


Poach the pears in the grape juice until soft and then remove them from the pot. Boil the remaining grape juice 'til it is reduced by about 1/3. Press the pears through a seive and mix with the boiled grape juice. Add mustard and stir in. Serve cold with roast meat.

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