Saint Cunard the Tenacious

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Saint Cunard the Tenacious is a fictional Saint created by members of the SCA for the entertainment value. Legends of Saint Cunard abound in the Shire of Trinovantia Nova, where the saint was said to walk the earth in ancient days and perform many miracles.

As detailed in the Rougeabeille Chronicle, the greatest miracle attributed to him was the Mending of the Weapons, when Saint Cunard drew forth his Holy Ribbon and fixed the broken weapons and armour of the Shirefolk on the eve of battle. Relics of the Holy Ribbon abound in armour kits across the Known World.

In the Chronicle, Saint Cunard's martyrdom is attributed to a midwinter attack by wolves; the same story explains the origin of naked mole-rats.

SCA legend names Saint Cunard as the patron of poor warriors and merchants in a hurry. Traditional offerings to Saint Cunard include broken weapons, cardboard tubes, and arm hair.