Sage (Askham)

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This is the entry for sage from Askham's Herbal


Sage is hoote in the first degre, & dry in the second degre, the leaves only taken in medicines both grene & dry, he may be kept a yere, there be two maner of Sages, the garden & the wylde Sage. If thou wil have Sage in for medicines take the leaves of the garden Sage, for that consumeth more & colreth more than the other doth. For the Palsy seeth the leaves of Sage in wine and use to drink it. For the same seeth the leaves in wine and plaister to the grevance. Also it is good to put in sauce for the strguri of the flux, and the matrice it cleseth, seeth the leaves in water and let the pacient sit over it, and receive the hot fume of it, and it shal do him much good. Also it is good for venim or poison, seeth sage in Ale or wine, and use to drink it thre dayes and thou shalt be hole by the grace of God. For the stomacke, drincke the joyce of Sage with water & hony, and it is good to clense a mans body to use it both ripe and grene, it wil make a mans body cleane, therefore who that useth to eate of this herbe or drink it, it is merveyl that any inconvenience shulde greve them that use it. If ye have an ytchinge on you wash it wel with the joyce of thys herbe and it shal sie ytchinge. Also drinke Sage and wine and a lyttel Wormwode, and it shall cease the ach under the sides, the wombe and the stomack, it is good for the palsye and dropsye.