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If you want to join the [[SCA]] you'll need a '''membership form'''. There are different versions of this form for the SCA in the [[USA]], [[Finland]], [[Sweden]], [[Australia]] and [[New Zealand]].
#REDIRECT [[SCA_membership]]
*The ''USA'' and other membership forms can be found  [http://www.sca.org/members/welcome.html here].
*The ''Australian'' membership form for [[SCAA]] can be found  [http://www.sca.org.au/philingcabinet/d.php/44/memform.pdf here].  Contact the Australian [[registrar]] for the additional form required for [[minors]] to become members.
* The ''New Zealand'' membership form for [[SCANZ]] can be found  [http://www.sca.org.nz/docs/pdf/SCANZ_Membership_Form.pdf here]. Alternatively you will be required to be a [http://www.sca.org.nz/daymember.html day member].
* The ''Finnish'' membership for [[SKA]] can be found [http://www.aarnimetsa.org/docs/j-kaavake06.pdf here] in [[Finnish]] and [http://www.aarnimetsa.org/docs/j-kaavake05_english.pdf here] in [[English]].
* The ''Swedish'' membership for [[SKA|SKA (Nordmark)]] in [[Swedish]] or [[English]] is online [http://www.nordmark.org/census/e107_plugins/sca_members/configPerson.php here]

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