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It is not compulsary for all participants in SCA events to be SCA members. However, membership does hold many benefits. By becoming an SCA member you:

  • Can get discounts into events. The difference between being a member or non-member at a feast could be $5 - $10. In the US this is reflected (in two senses of the word) by the Non Member Surcharge.
  • Receive a membership card - this means you don't have to sign waivers at every event you attend and saves time.
  • Receive SCA Publications - Sustaining members their Kingdom's monthly newsletter, e.g., the Pegasus in the Kingdom of Lochac. Sustaining members can also purchase subscriptions to other kingdoms' newsletters, Tournaments Illuminated (the quarterly magazine of the Society), the Compleat Anachronist pamphlet series, and the Board of Directors' Proceedings.
  • Benefit your local group by counting towards the population. This could mean that your local group can expand and grow from a Canton to a Shire or Barony, or a number of local baronies can grow to form a Principality. Sustaining members (or higher membership types, such as contributing or patron) count towards the group's numbers.
  • Are eligible to fight, or be consort to a fighter, in a Coronet tournament or Crown tournament, and subsequently to be the king or queen.
  • Is required in order to become an officer or autocrat an event.
  • Is often a requirement for votes on issues that concern the group, such as elevation from a smaller group to a larger one.

To become a Society member, print out an SCA membership form. Note that due to mundane laws, SCANZ also has a special category for day members.

You can be a member of: