Rowany Festival

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The Rowany Festival (sometimes called just "Festival") is Australia's largest SCA event. Currently, it is held at the Crossroads medieval village. Anything that people do in the SCA (well, most things) will be on display in some form or other at Rowany Festival.

Happens every Easter - Don't miss it for the world.

If religious reasons are inclined to slow down your attendance at an event over Easter, don't forget that a group of christians generally get together in a discrete place to hold a scheduled Easter Sunday mass. And if Pesach falls at the same time of year, I'm sure there will be people cooking in accordance with customs - it's actually easier to avoid leavening agents in period cooking.

For more info, check out the website -

Hrmm.. so you're coming along and don't know what to take? Perhaps you need a camping list?