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Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinallis) is an aromatic evergreen shrub, with thick, blunt needle like leaves and either blue or pink flowers. Its Latin name (Rosmarinus) meaning "Dew of the Sea" apparently derived from the fact that its pale blue flowers looked like dew from a distance.

Rosemary is often associated with remembrance, and was worn by Greek scholars when they were taking examinations as well as by those at a funeral to remember the deceased.

The most remarkable claim made on behalf of rosemary was by Queen Izabella of Hungary in the 14th century. She claimed that at the age of 72 an infusion of it had so revitalised her body, which was racked with gout and rheumatism, that the King of Poland proposed to her.

Rosemary in the SCA

In the Kingdom of Caid, during Crown Tourney, the Queen invites all the Ladies of the Rose present to help construct wreathes of rosemary to place on the heads of the eventual victor and his consort at Closing Court. The consort's wreath also incorporates yellow roses (the symbol of the Queen of Caid). These wreathes are then dried and treasured as keepsakes of a memorable day.

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