Rosee (recipe)

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Period Recipe

From the Forme of Cury.

Take thyk mylke as to fore welled. cast �erto sugur a gode porcioun pynes. Dates ymynced. canel. & powdour gynger and see� it, and alye it with flores of white Rosis, and flour of rys, cole it, salt it & messe it forth. If �ou wilt in stede of Almaunde mylke, take swete cremes of kyne.


(tentative, unfinished) Take thick milk as before directed. Cast into sugar a good portion of pynes, minced dates, cassia and ginger powder and seethe it, and alye it with flowers of white roses and riceflour, cole it, salt it and serve it. If you wish, instead of almond milk, use sweet cream of kyne.


  • Rosee. From the white roles therein mentioned. See No. 41. in Mi. Ed. but No. 47 there is totally different.
  • welled, f. willed; directed.