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Robert II was the first king of Scotland of the House of Stuart. He was born in 1316, succeeded to the throne in 1371, and died in 1390. His father was Walter, the 6th High Steward of Scotland (an office which had remained within a family line since its inception in the 12th century). Walter had married Marjorie, daughter of King Robert I (Robert the Bruce) and when Robert's son, David II, died without children in 1371, the throne fell to his house.
Walter was, hwoever, already dead, but Robert, his son, took the throne by right of descent, and the decree of the Scots Parliament (who were keen to prevent any further interference in the succession by the English.

His succession was coloured by the fact that he had, in fact, risen in rebellion against David II only 8 years before the kings' death, and had, on David's death, only recently been released from imprisonment. He was crowned at Scone and ruled over a kingdom still nto totally at peace, and briefly threatened by a war with England from 1378.

Robert did his best to provide for his kingdom. By his first wife, Elizabeth, (whom he, for canonical reasons, married twice) he had at least 10 children, including his successor Robert III, and future Earls of Buchan and of Albany, and a Duke of Fife. By his second, Euphemia, he had a further 5 children, and history alleges at least 8 further off-spring, born irregularly.

Hia ge at his succession, and the threat from England probably prevented Robert from being as vigorous a king as he (and Scotland) would have liked, but he did prevent the Englsih from reasserting their claims to the northern kingdom.

Scottish kings

Robert II

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David II
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Robert III