River Haven

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River Haven
River Haven.JPG
Barry wavy argent and azure, a seahorse erect to sinister within a laurel wreath Or.
Founded: A.S. XVIII
In Kingdom: Lochac
Baron: Master Wolfgang Adolphus Jäeger
Baroness: Mistress Contarina la Bianca
Modern location
North Brisbane, Toowoomba, Redcliffe, Gold Coast & Bundaberg (Queensland, Australia)

River Haven is an SCA barony in the Kingdom of Lochac, located in Queensland, Australia

River Haven began as a shire in 1983 and was elevated to Barony status in 1986.

Barons & Baronesses

There have been six Barons & Baronesses (including the incumbents)

  • Master Everard de Breiuse and Mistress Johanna Wendover
  • Sir Agro Agwese and Mistress Glynyhvar of River Haven
  • Master Hrothgar Breaksword and Mistress Eleanor of Caithness
  • Sir Somerled of Redcliffe and Caelia the Fair
  • Wendell von Bayern and Catalin de Dalmatin
  • Master Wolfgang Adolphus Jäger and Mistress Contarina la Bianca (Current Baron & Baroness)

Cantons & College

River Haven currently has two Cantons and one College

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