River Haven

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River Haven
River Haven.JPG
Barry wavy argent and azure, a seahorse erect to sinister within a laurel wreath Or.
Founded: A.S. XVIII
In Kingdom: Lochac
Baron: Master William Castille
Baroness: THL Katherine Alicia of Salisbury
Modern location
North Brisbane, Toowoomba, Redcliffe, Bundaberg (Queensland, Australia)

River Haven is an SCA barony in the Kingdom of Lochac, located in Queensland, Australia

River Haven began as a shire in 1983 and was elevated to Barony status in 1986.

Barons & Baronesses

There have been six Barons & Baronesses (including the incumbents)

  • Master Everard de Breiuse and Mistress Johanna Wendover (Founding Baron & Baroness)
  • Sir Agro Agwese and Mistress Glynyhvar of River Haven
  • Master Hrothgar Breaksword and Mistress Eleanor of Caithness
  • Sir Somerled of Redcliffe and Mistress Caelia the Fair
  • Wendell von Bayern and Catalin de Dalmatin
  • Master Wolfgang Adolphus Jäger and Mistress Contarina la Bianca
  • Master William Castille and THL Katherine Alicia of Salisbury(Current Baron & Baroness)

Cantons & College

River Haven currently has two Cantons

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