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#redirect[[Raudth Hammar]]
This is the [[Society for Creative Anachronism]] [[Household]] of [[Jarl Gunnar Redboar]] and his Lady, [[Baroness Finepopla le Brewstere]]. [[Raudth Hammar]], which in [[Old Norse]] means [[Red Hammer]], focuses on the [[Norse Heroic Age]]. Our [[Household]] is located in the [[Barony of Flaming Gryphon]], [[Middle]] Kingdom. [[Raudth Hammar]] a part of a larger [[Household]] called [[Trotheim]]. [[Trotheim]] was founded in 2007 by Jarls Eikbrandr, Ullr, Gunnar, and Lutr. There are three other [[Households]] that together with [[Raudth Hammar]] make up [[Trotheim]]; Naeturaudi in Cleveland, Ohio, and Houses SjarUlf & HvassGeir in Lexington, Kentucky. There are also a few traveling members abroad in Scandinavia.

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