Real weapons in the SCA

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Always make sure:

  • Real weapons (knives, swords, etc.) are not be drawn at an SCA event.
  • Fighting with live steel is not permitted at SCA events. If you want to do this, join a re-enactment group. Also note we are not talking about authorised rapier fighting with approved practice weaponry.
  • Follow your local mundane laws with regards to carrying weapons. This may require you to have the weapons in a secure bag or container when not at an event.
  • Be responsible and do not touch other people's weapons without permission, be they real or SCA weapons.

The only exceptions to the first rule are:

  1. In honour of the crown
  2. Displaying the blade ("Clear!" must be called before doing this to let surrounding people know what you're doing)

Due to the practise of using rattan as a material for making weapons, many 'real' swords owned by SCAdians are more decorative than functional. These types of "weapons" are often derogatorially referred to as sword like objects or SLO's.