Rapes in potage (recipe)

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Period Recipe

From the Forme of Cury

Take rapus and make hem clene and waissh hem clene. quare hem. parboile hem. take hem up. cast hem in a gode broth and see� hem. mynce Oynouns and cast �erto Safroun and salt and messe it forth with powdour douce. the wise make of Pasturnakes and skyrwates.


  • Rapes, or rapus. turnips.
  • quare hem. Cut them in _squares_, or small pieces. V. Gloss.
  • in the wise, i.e. in the same manner. Self or same, seems to be casually omitted. Vide No. 11 and 122.
  • Pasturnakes, for parsnips or carrots. V. Gloss.
  • skyrwates, for skirrits or skirwicks.

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