Raoul de Cambrai

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The fief of Raoul's deceased father is given away by Louis to another vassal; Raoul later attempts to reclaim his lands during an audience with the king. Louis instead offers to Raoul the next fief to become vacant (which becomes that of Hubert de Vermandois) but when its lord dies, Louis hesitates in giving the land to Raoul, as Vermandois has four sons looking to keep their fief. Raoul and the Vermandois heirs then go to war. After torching the Vermandois town of Origny, in which lived the mother of Raoul's squire Bernier, Bernier declares that he will have vengeance upon his master and manages to fulfil his oath. Then, Raoul's uncle Guerri kills Bernier and the vendetta remains in play. Guerri later manages to escape from his home into exile and out of record.


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