Province of Arrow's Flight

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Shire of Arrow's Flight
Or,three arrows inverted in fess purpure with in a laurel wreath vert.
Founded: A.S. XXVIII
In Kingdom: Artemisia
Seneschal: HL Ellisif Sleggja
Modern location
Utah County, Utah, USA.

The Shire of Arrows' Flight is the SCA group covering the Utah Valley, Utah, USA and parts of Juab County, Utah, USA. It is part of the Kingdom of Artemisia.


Originally the Shire's name was registered in 1984 with the Kingdom of Atenveldt as Cwm Maethlon. (Translated from Welsh this meant Fertile (Maethlon) Valley (Cwm)). However this manifestation of the shire eventually did not last long.

A second early manifestation of the Shire was Amethyst Vale. According to the History of Atenveldt, the shire held several events including fighting the dragon of the mountain (a historical train called the Heber Creeper which they stopped and "robbed" much to amusements of the passengers)


Officially the Shire of Arrows' Flight was formed in 1993 as the Canton of Arrows' Flight sponsored by the Barony of Loch Salann. The canton quickly grew becoming the College of Arrows' Flight. In 2005 the College finally changed into the Shire of Arrows' Flight.

Currently the Shire is petitioning to become the first Province of Artemisia


The Shire of Arrows' Flight long referred to itself as the Shire with out Peer as no active holders of a peerage dwelled with the shire boundaries. That changed on March 8, A.S. 42 (2008) when Stephan Schwarzwald was elevated to the Order of the Pelican for long and honorable service to the Shire and the Kingdom.

Prima Dona

Lady Kynewynn the Kind was named the Prima (first) Dona of Artemisia at Harvest War 2007


The Shire Holds weekly meetings every Tuesday. Weekly meetings consist of Fighters Practice (both Heavy and Light) as well a general populace meeting.



Begun by Padruig McTavish the Musician Guild is well known for its Trumpet Chorus that has been used to announce combatants during Crown Tourney


Using traditional and modern brewing methods the Brewers create beverage of both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic varieties for the consumption of the populace.

Famous Brews
  • Ellisf's Strawberry Blond Ale



Shire Heavy Championship is decided by challenging the current champion at an officially sponsored shire event. If victorious the challenger is declared champion otherwise the title remains with the incumbent.


The Rapier Championship is decided by challenging the current champion at an officially sponsored shire event. The challengers submit to a tournament devised by the former champion. Winners receive the right to wear the Shire Champions Cape and badge.


The Shire Bardic Champion is decided once a year during the Toys for Tots event. The Format of the challenge is up to the current Bard.


The A&S championship takes place during the Toys for Tots event. The entrants are judged on several criteria. The championship set up by the Shire A&S officer.

Keynote Reoccurring Events

Mystery Event

Occurring during the First Weekend in April Mystery event celebrates the fool in all of us. This event features the Shire Bad Garb Auction where you can pay to take your name out of the pot to not win the garb others though can pay to put your name in multiple times as well.

Past Themes
  • Mystery of Clan McFlock
  • Where are the Archers of Arrow's Flight?

Middle Eastern War

This May event has been the signature event for Arrow's Flight since its inception. Held at the Utah State Hospital Castle Amphitheater. The event focuses on all things from the Near east and beyond.

Activities include:

Toys For Tots

Remembering the wonder of childhood Toys for Tots is an event held in conjunction with the United States Marine Corps annual toy drive. Arrow's Flight now competes with the Shire of Crystal Crags to see who can gather the most toys. It is the children who really win though. This event takes place in November.

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