Principality of Nordmark

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Nordmark is an SCA Principality of the Kingdom of Drachenwald, covering Sweden.

The group in Nordmark was founded in Anno Societatus -- (19--), and in A.S. XXI (1987) became the Barony of Nordmark. In A.S. XXX (1996) Nordmark was made the first Crown Principality of Drachenwald and finally in A.S. XXXI (1997) Nordmark had proved herself worthy of the title Principality.

Nordmark has been an active group in the SCA since it was founded, currently there are about XXX members in Nordmark. The people from Nordmark are famous in the SCA for their vast knowledge and skills in many forms of craftmanship and heavy fighting.

Garb-making with all its details, music, singing and dancing, calligraphy and illumination, archery, fencing, heavy fighting and cooking are some of the areas of activity that are frequently held in the different groups of Nordmark.

SCA membership in Nordmark is organised through SKA (Nordmark).


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