Preserved Cowcumbers

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Original Source

You may take a gallon of faire water, and a pottle of veriuyce, and a pinte of bay salt, and a handfull of greene Fennell or Dill: boile it a little, and when it is cold put it into a barrell, and then put your Cowcumbers into that pickle, and you shall keepe them all the yeere. (Delightes For Ladies, Sir Hugh Plat, 1609)



  • 1 part salt
  • 4 parts verjuice
  • 8 parts water
  • fresh fennel or dill
  • cucumbers sliced or cut into spears, peeled and seeded if necessary


Boil the salt, verjuice, and water enough to dissolve all of the salt. Add the fennel and let cool. When the brine is cold, pour it over the cucumbers, being careful to ensure that they are completely covered. Refrigerate until needed.


We haven't tried to keep these "all the yeere", or even outside the refrigerator.

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