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This is a list of foods that can often be gotten fro myour local shops, and don't generally require cooking, suitable for potluck feasts. If you feel like cooking, see period recepies.

  • period Fruits
  • Dried fruits and nuts
  • cheese
  • pies
    • fruit pies (yes look in that supermarket freezer for apple, pear, apricot or berry pies), but please defrost them on a cold day.
    • quiche - there is a kind of period tart - eg Ember_Day_Tart much like a quiche, although more heavily spiced. Try for a plain quiche without tomatoe in it please.
    • large meat pies, preferably with added other ingedients (not potatoe), eg a period pie with meat and berries Caneline_Beef_Pie(recipe)
  • bread (remember the autocrat often supplies some too)
  • roast chicken - hot or cold (but be careful of food safety
  • cut cold meats
  • some dips
  • salad - was made up of hebs and general leaffy stuff, including flowers and sometimes chopped fruit. Salad mix may not be a bad approximation to some period salads.
  • sweet buns eg glazed sultana buns (I think)
  • almond cake (look at the gormet italian coffee cakes in he supermarket)
  • shortbread

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