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This is a list of [[food]] suitable for [[SCA]] [[potluck feast]]s. Most of them are available from your local shop, and don't require cooking. If you feel like cooking, consult period [[recipes]].
#REDIRECT [[Potluck]]
*period [[Fruit]]s
**many more less common varieties listed under [[fruit]]
*[[Dried fruit]]s and [[nut]]s
**almost any fruit was dried ([[apple]], [[pear]], [[sultana]]s, dates, [[fig]]s...)
**Most nuts (other than [[peanut]]s, and [[cashew]]s) are period
**[[fruit pie]]s - Look in that supermarket freezer for apple, pear, apricot or berry pies, but if it's a cold day, ''please'' defrost them. A period example: [[Pear tart (recipe)]]
**quiche - there are several period [[tart]]s that resemble a heavily spiced quiche - e.g. [[Ember Day Tart(recipe)]].  Try for a plain quiche without tomato in it, please.
**large [[meat]] pies, preferably with other ingredients (not potato), e.g. a period pie with meat and berries [[Caneline Beef Pie(recipe)]]
*[[bread]] (remember that the [[autocrat]] often supplies some)
*roast [[chicken]] - hot or cold (but be careful of [[food safety]])
*cut cold meats
*some dips
**chives and onion???
*[[salad]] - was made up of herbs and general leafy stuff, including  flowers and sometimes chopped fruit.  Salad mix may not be a bad approximation to some period salads.
*sweet buns - e.g. glazed sultana buns
*almond cake (look at the gourmet Italian coffee cakes in the supermarket)
*Angel's food - a sweet dip that goes well with biscotti or shortbread style biscuits. [[Angels food (recipe)]]
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* [[Food]]

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