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An [[SCA]] [[feast]] where everyone brings along a plate of [[food]].
#REDIRECT [[Potluck]]
The [[autocrat]] will generally supply [[bread]] and often [[cordial]].  Sometimes [[soup]] will be supplied too.
Each person attending is expected to bring along a quantity of food suitable to serve 6-8 people (generally), ie bringing along enough [[food]] to feed you of one type, although you will share and eat some of many dishes.  Remember that this is one dish per person, so if you invite a friend or bring along children, either ask them to bring food, or bring food for them.
Typical quantities of food to bring are:
* one whole [[roast]] [[chicken]]
* a [[bag]] of [[apple]]s
* A large [[tart]] or [[pie]]
* A large loaf of flavoured bread
Remember that Chicken and apples are pretty typical examples given for food to bring to potluck picnics, so sometimes we end up with 6 chickens and 3 bags of apples - very boring.  [[Potluck_food|Here]] is a list of other suitable foods that don't require cooking. (also helpful may be a list of [[non-period food]]s.)
Of course if you have the time to cook for a potluck, we'll all love you.  See [[recipes]].
Remember to bring your own [[feasting gear]], and that the food at the potluck will often be sitting around in your car/bag, then at the event, without heating or refrigeration facilities. Sometimes these are available, but ASK first. So to avoid food poisoning, it's important to use [[food hygiene]] standards.  Dishes like [[pie]]s, [[vegetable]]s, [[fruit]], sweets that can be served cold are good, while luke warm [[meat]] dishes can easily grow bacteria unless you can bring them straight from the stove/[[oven]] to the serving [[table]] at the event.
For info on what food to take along to a potluck [[feast]] (and what counts as [[Period foods|period food]]), check out
* http://www.advancenet.net/~jscole/introfoodclass.pdf
* [http://www.dragonslaire.org/Arts%20and%20Sciences/Articles/no_cook_potluck_contributions_fo.htm "No Cook Potluck Contributions for the Culinary Inept and Others"] By Rycheza z Polska

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