Pikeman's Pleasure

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Pikeman's Pleasure is an annual SCA event hosted by the Canton of Petrea Thule in the Kingdom of Ealdormere, now in its twentieth year.

Held at a community centre and preserved mill in Millbrook Ontario, the event is well-known for its archery and fencing, but especially for its heavy fighting, held on an island in the town's eponymous brook, accessed via a narrow bridge. Of particular interest are the bridge battles fought on this structure; the challenge of engaging opposing fighters on an actual bridge over water gave the event its name.

Following the day's fighting are the Courts, both Baronial and Royal, which often held outside on the island or on the flat top of the earthen embankment holding back the millpond, and an indoor feast. During the feast is the annual bardic competition, with the winner receiving an engraved flask donated by Lord Vladimir Blahuchek.

Pikeman's is a damp event with alcohol available for purchase at the licensed bar.