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As a general term, something which is ''period'' is '''something directly attested by primary sources''', e.g. a [[recipe]] from a [[period]] source or an article of clothing which has been preserved; something which is ''period-style'' is '''something which attempts to be true to the style in primary sources''', e.g. a recipe which, while not found in any period source, uses the same principles of healthy eating, available & likely [[food]]-stuffs and so forth, or an article of clothing which is cut similarly to an actual artifact.
#REDIRECT [[period]]
''Periodoid'' indicates '''something which is pseudo-period''', e.g. honey-butter or a [[cloak]] with a vampire's picture on it.  Periodoid things are not [[medieval]] and never were, but to our eyes (or some of our eyes) they appear to be. They might also be described as [[medjeeval]] or [[medievaloid]].

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