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The term Period refers to the time-frame in which the SCA operates. It is the time-frame that we are trying to recreate and covers the period prior to the 17th Century. Many people think that the SCA covers the period from 600 AD to 1600AD but corpora states it simply as "pre 17th Century."

Anything that had been discovered or was in general usage during this time-frame is acceptable to use at SCA events unless it breaks mundane law or would be considered offensive; so no burning heretics! Although religion was the mainstay of the time, most things overtly religious are avoided. For example, no-one is going to complain if you dress as a monk, nun or inquisitor, but you will be jumped on if you try to hold a religious service in a public space. Of course what you do in your tent or pavillion is nobody's business but those in the tent with you.

By contrast, if something was invented or only in general usage outside of the above time-frame, it is considered to be out of period (often abbreviated to OOP). For example potatoes are OOP but lasagne is not.

Some few (really useful) items are considered to be "in period by consensus" due to the fact that their ommission of use would make life very much more difficult and less fun. Items like this include:



The centuries

Major Period Events