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#REDIRECT [[Order of the Pelican]]
The [[Companions]] of the [[Order of the Pelican]] are those who have been recognised by the [[Crown]] with a [[Patent of Arms]] (the highest level of [[award]]) for unrelenting [[service]] to the [[Kingdom]] and the [[Society]], along with their consistent display of the virues of [[Grace]], [[Courtesy]] and [[Chivalric Demeanour]].
Generally it takes many years (usually 10 or more) of unstinting service to be recognised as a Member of the [[Order of the Pelican]]. Service is generally rendered through running [[events]] ([[autocrat]]ting), holding [[office]]s or undertaking work on behalf of the [[SCA]].
As [[Knight]]s may take on [[Squire]]s, Pelicans may take on [[Protege]]s.
[[Stormhold]] is lucky to have a number of very active Pelicans. Ask around at a meeting or an event, and you'll be sure to have one pointed out to you. Feel free to ask them about the Order, and about the [[SCA]]. As Peers it's their job to pass on knowledge and assist gentles whenever possible. :)

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