Order of the Sharparrow

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The Order of Sharparrow is an award given in the Kingdom of the Outlands, given by the Crown to those persons who have demonstrated extraordinary skill in the arts and sciences of traditional SCA - style archery. All companions of this order must meet certain requirements. Extraordinary skill in period archery, proficiency in all non-combat archery systems, and rudimentary knowledge of all projectile related activity to include craftsmanship, competition and combat archery so as to ensure a broad knowledge base for all the good people of this great Kingdom to draw from. Other qualifications shall include leadership, appropriate participation level as well as guidance and teaching. Said individuals must always display unquestionable character and courtesies on and off the field. The holders of this award shall be styled as Archers of the Iron Rain and shall be entitled to place the initials A.I.R. after their names. This award also carries with it a Grant of Arms.

Blazon: Vert, on a pale argent endorsed Or a flaming arrow sable fletched vert enflamed gules.