Order of Precedence

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The order of Precedence is a listing of all the people who have received awards within the SCA, ordered from the highest ranking to the lowest. Ranking (or precedence) is determined by the highest level of award received, and the date an award of that level was first given to the recipient. The earlier a person received an award, the higher they appear on the order of precedence.

The ranking of awards, from highest to lowest, are:

Note that if somebody had received a laurel and a pelican in the last year, they would rank below somebody who had received a laurel three years ago, as they had reached that level first. The fact that someone has obtained a second award at a certain level does not add to their precedence.

The Lochac Order of Precedence can be located at: http://www.sca.org.au/herald/php/OP.php