Nutmeg (Askham)

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This is the entry for nutmeg from Askham's Herbal.

Nux muscata

Nutmegge is hoote and drye in the seconde degre, the best groweth in Inde, and in the time of his ryping it is gathered, and seven yeare it may be kept, they that playn and hevy after their kinde, be best to be chosen. Also whan they be broken they fall not to pouder, but thei have a swete and sharpe savoure. if thei lack any of the aforesaid thei be not good for medecines, he hath vertue of comforting by his swete savour, for coldnes and feblenes of digestion of the stomack take in the morning halfe a Netmegge or a hole Nutmegge & eate it. Also for a colde stomack that is feble of digestion, and for the lyver give him wyne the Nutmegges is boyled in. Also for the same boile Nutmegges and Mastike in wine and drynke it, this is good for the diseases in the stomack and in the bowelles to breake wynde. Also in the recovering of a sickenes to comfort the spiritual members, boyle Nutmeeges & Mastyke in wyne & drinke it. Also take a Nutmegge and smell to it, and it wil comfort the spirituall members.