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This page is intended to be a guide to the SCA's version of historical recreation for those who are newbie to the whole scene. Unfortunately not everything will be here initially, but hopefully with time this will become a good place to access much of the (ever changing) information contained in this wiki.

Anything that isn't answered below, feel free to ask on the Newbie Questions and Answers page.

The basics

What is the historical reenactment?

and the SCA?

joining the SCA - why?

Dressing the part

index of clothing styles

Going to events

types of events

Talking the talk


Bringing the stuff

feasting gear

Learning the crafts

Fighting in diverse styles

Who's who?

  • People who have earned a rank by being good at something are called Peers collectively, and Laurels, Pelicans, or Knights depending upon what they were good at.
  • People who have won the right to rule a territory are called Royal Peers. This includes current rulers (King, Queen, prince, princess) and also former rulers Dukes, Duchess etc)
  • Some people are delegated to be the representative of the rulers in an area eg. Baron, Baroness.
  • Some people have been rewarded for their past services eg. court baron grant of arms.
  • Officers are people who organise things within the Society (Autocrats, Feastocrats, Heralds, Marshals, etc), ,
  • Some awards convey a title with them, but they are very few.
  • Most of the above groups of people have distinctive items of apparel that they may (or may not) wear which will mark their rank (eg. white belt for knights), and many have specific titles that can be used to refer to them. These are discussed under each entry.
  • Alternate titles are sometimes used by the above people to fit in better with the culture they portray (eg Graf for a German Count). Refering to them by the standard English titles given above will not be considered offensive (if you are new, they'll probably be pleased that you even know what rank they have).

Where am I?


Authenticity, documentation, research