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Medieval names took many forms.

Human Names

Human names tend to use combinations of the following:

e.g. Ingrid, Michael, Brigid, Ivan, Catherine, Tomas
  • Locatives
e.g John of London, John Glasgow, Piers a Paris
  • Patronymic/Matyrnomic (citing your father or mother)
e.g. Jon Peterson, Ingibjorg Maridottir, Eoghann ap Andreis, Mari inghean Sean
  • Clannish (citing the name of the clan)
e.g. O'Brien, MacDonald, von Helsing
  • Nicknames
e.g. John Longshanks, Eric the Red

See also:

Place Names


Names in the SCA

Your SCA persona will have an SCA name that should be registered with your herald and the SCA College of Arms.

Your branch will have to register a name as well. The names of some branches have a particular style, e.g. colleges are named after a patron saint.

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