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Miriel du Bois

Countess Miriel was proteged to Dame Brenna Lowri o Ruthin and elevated to the Pelican by TRM William and Onora on April 26, 2008

Served as Princess of the Principality of Gl

14th Century French persona but moving more towards 12th century Anglo-Norman

Miriel, a lover of mice and squirrels (particularly the flying variety), is currently the Authorization Marshal in Gleann Abhann.

She is the wife and prettier half of Count Rey RiBeaumont, KSCA.

Miriel enjoys many interests in the SCA: Combat archery, target archery, calligraphy and illumination, and embroidery.

Her accomplishments:

County 4/14/2013,
Rose 4/14/2013,
Pelican 4/26/2008,
Diamond Chalice 06/02/2007,
Arrow and the Bolt 9/16/2006,
Jeweled Ring (Principal)2/4/2006,
Ram’s Heart 7/9/2005,
Meridian Majesty 9/4/2004,
Denial 4/26/2003,
Compostella 4/5/2003,
Diamond 11/2/2002,
Viscounty 11/2/2002,
Silver Ram 10/28/2000,
Grant 4/01/2000,
Meridian Majesty 3/27/1999,
Purple Fret 1998 from HRM Kenna of the Midrealm,
Grey Pearl 4/25/1998,
AOA 4/25/1998,
Meridian Cross 9/13/1997

Her Excellency has held the following offices:

Princess / Queen of Gleann Abhann May 2012 - April 2013,
Authorization Marshal 2009 - currently in this position (With a break during late 2012, early 2013 while Queen),
Dean of Education, Scribal College of GA 2006 - 2009,
Deputy Earl Marshal for Live Weapons (DEMLW) 2006 - 2008,
Drop Dead to Deputy Earl Marshal for Live Weapons (DEMLW) 2005 - 2006,
Live Weapons Marshal 2005 - ,
Scorekeeper of Gleann Abhann (Royal Rounds, IKAC) 2005 - 2009,
Baronial Deputy Herald 2005 - 2006,
Deputy Head Troll, GW XII 2003,
Topaz Pursuivant 2002 - 2004,
Tanista / Princess of the Principality 2002,
Baronial Chronicler 2001 - 2002,
Baronial Sheriff 1999 - 2000,

photo credit to Chip Talbert and Kungaloosh Photography