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A marshal is high-ranking royal military advisor. For some kingdoms, the Marshal is the chief of staff for the military forces (cf. the modern Field Marshal rank).

William Marshall was an Earl Marshal of particular note.

Marshals in the SCA

A marshal is in charge of all combat-related SCA activities. Depending on what type of marshal they are, their responsibilities may include being in charge of safety on the field (both tournament and war), carrying out armour inspection, authorisation of new fighters and keeping up-to-date with society combat laws.

There are different marshals for each type of combat: heavy, light, medium, non-combatant and rapier.

The kingdom marshal is commonly titled the Earl Marshal.

The symbol for the marshallate is a pair of crossed golden swords on a black field.


As well as referring to the activities of a marshal, a herald may also indulge in marshalling, which in his case means sorting out coats of arms and other blazons.