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Period Recipe

From the Forme of Cury.



  • Makke. Ignotum. It may be relevant that a group of recipes that appears together in some MSS, and includes related bean recipes, has the word make before the name of the recipe—unlike most entries in the Forme of Cury. If the original had a name that resembled the first ingredient, it could easily have been omitted by careless copying, leaving "make" in the place of the title.
  • Chawf. Warm.
  • broun. Brown.

Modern Recipe



  • 2 cups split fava beans
  • 4 cups beef and red wine stock
  • 250 g cubes bacon
  • Fried shallots to garnish


  1. Simmer beans in stock for about and hour or until nearly soft.
  2. Add bacon and simmer for another 20-30 minutes until beans are really soft
  3. Serve

Mistress Adrienne


The historical version of this recipe was taken from the Project Gutenberg e-text of the Forme of Cury.