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#REDIRECT [[Tunic]]
For more advanced instructions (it'll fit better, but take a bit longer), see:http://www.reconstructinghistory.com/beginners/StLouis.html
This adds [[gores]] and [[gussets]] to the pattern, meaning the pieces can be cut tighter around the body, but you can still move and even fight or dance in the garment.
Of course t-tunics can be as complicated as you want them to be, and can fit quite tightly.  But even the more interesting t-tunics from the middle medieval period (12-14th C) are simpler to picture for people with good spacial skills than late period garb - it's still just rectangles and triangles, just more of them.
T-tunics are extremely ecomonic on material usage.  If you can get 150cm wide fabric, normally twice the desired length of the tunic plus half a metre will give you a good tunic.

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