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Welcome to Cunnan, a Wiki collecting information for re-enactors of the Middle Ages and Renaissance with a heavy slant towards members of the SCA.

Cunnan is believed to be the largest SCA-related wiki in the world but anyone can edit our articles. You should be bold in updating pages! Articles can only be improved if people are contributing new information and improving old information. So add research information, how-to pages, event information and anything else you can think of. Cunnan should be applicable worldwide, so be mindful of regional differences - use comments such as "In Lochac...". If you see anything that is different in your area, add a note on your local variation.

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September 16 Cunnan now has more than 4,186 articles!
April 4th Cunnan's software has been upgraded. If anything is broken you should leave a note at the Village pump.
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Magna Carta: The Magna Carta or Great Charter was a formal record of an agreement between King John of England and a rebellious group of barons, sealed on 15 June 1215, at Runneymede meadow, outside Windsor. Four copies remain of a series sent out to sheriffs for public dissemination. The Charter was annulled by Pope Innocent III.

On 12 November 1216 the Charter was re-issued in the name of the 9-year-old Henry III by his regents, with certain clauses omitted. (more)

Heraldic jargon:
In heraldry a inescutcheon is a subordinary in the shape of a shield. It is sometimes referred to as an escutcheon, though this term often refers to the larger shield itself.

Dance: Saltarello

Fibre arts: Punto in aria

Recipe: Poume d'oranges

More details on the sample content.

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A complete index is also available.

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