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The addresses in this article are for assorted SCA mailing lists around the world. They are sorted by region or, when that isn't possible by area of interest. You should only add e-mail mailing lists and the links to their websites and not just normal SCA websites (that should be done in the other re-enactment sites article).

You need to be a member to post to most e-mail discussion lists and its good form to read a list for a while before you post anything new. To subscribe to a list you'll need to

By region



Australian Guilds and Groups

Mailing lists for guilds are usually open to everyone who is interested in the topics, no matter how little you know about it so far. Often formally joining the guild is not required to join a mailing list - so go ahead and join (or browse the archives first) and see how much you can learn.



Guilds and Other Groups