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Mace (Weapon)

A heavy medieval war club with a spiked or flanged metal head, used to crush armor. Note that real maces are illegal in NSW. The point of it was to emulate a club, but with more weight and, optionally, the sharp edges of the spikes or flanges for concentrating force. Both infantry and cavalry used them -- the horseman's mace tended to be shorter in the shaft, for easier wielding; the footman's longer for added power (albeit at the expense of speed).

SCA Mace

Maces often have a foam head with rattan splints attached to the outside. This is then taped over and is attached to a relatively short handle(haft). A mace is considered a mass weapon.

Mace (Spice)

Mace is an aromatic spice that originally came from East Indonesia. Dried and leathery, mace has a very similar flavour to nutmeg, which isn't surprising. They're both sourced from from the same plant - nutmeg is the kernel of the fruit, mace is the lining that separates the kernel from the pulp.

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