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Logistics refers to provisioning armies with food, weapons, water, fodder, and so on in order to keep them in operation as a viable military unit.

A siege is an attempt to disrupt the logisitics of a castle, forcing those inside to surrender due to the threat of starvation.

A good grasp of logistics was essential in warfare, but was sometimes woefully inadequate in period, such as during the ill-fated Children's Crusade.

Logistics in the SCA

While the logistics of feeding whole armies are rarely handled by SCA commanders, SCAdians who attend any of the Wars are familiar with the difficulties of logistical planning. Decisions about food, shelter, travel plans, etc. are all logisitcal decisions, and it is no fun at all when they don't work out. Depending on the event, logistical issues range from simply who buys the beer? to how do I fit my entire household, our equipment and all our food for two weeks into a minivan?