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#REDIRECT [[Logan Ebonwoulfe]]
[[Duke|His Grace]] Logan Ebonwoulfe (also known as Logan Blackwoulfe) is a [[Duke]] and a [[Knight]] in the SCA. His Grace is also the patriarch of [[Clan Ebonwoulfe]]. Other points of interest for His Grace are,
*Has sired four [[knight]]s from his line
*One of the few Atlantian Knights who was never squired to anyone himself
*His buffet was delivered by the late Earl [[Black Kane O'Shannon]]
*Has a trading card named after him in the '''Warlords''' collectible card game
*As of winning Atlantian Fall Crown Tournement 2008, He will have reigned as King 6 times
== Awards ==
Listed in the order bestowed
*Talon of the Phoenix
*[[Award of Arms]]
*[[Drakken Egg]]
*[[Phoenix Claw]]
*[[Shark's Tooth]]
*[[Flame of the Phoenix]]
*[[Augmentation of Arms]]
*[[Order of the Sea Stag]]
*[[Augmentation of Arms]] (A unicornate seahorse, bearing a lance and pennon Or.)
*[[Order of the Golden Dolphin]]
*[[King's Award of Excellence]]
*[[Order of the Sacred Stone]]
*[[Order of the Coral Branch]]
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