Line of the North

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The Line of the North is a poetic recitiation of the royalty of Ealdormere composed by Master Hector of the Black Height. It is updated twice annually by Master Hector to include each new reign. Owing to the short duration of a given reign in the SCA, it has grown to an impressive length.

The Line itself counts backwards from the current reign, listing the current king and queen, their immediate predecessors, and theirs, back to the founding of the Kingdom. Before that, the Princes and Princesses are listed from Ealdormere's Principality days, followed by the Prince-Kings of Ealdormere, back when Ealdormere was a Crown Principality and held as a direct fief of the Midrealm Kings. Each listing is accompanied by a short poetic description of the ruler.

The names of two Champions of Ealdormere and their consorts are also listed from the Regionalism Dispute before the Ban on Regions.

Link to the full text of the Line of the North