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A number of ways existed to light your period home, of which candles were probably the least used. Unfortunately few recreationists investigate and recreate these. Choice of lighting source depended upon price, activity and smell from burning the light.

Lighting Methods

Main period lighting sources:

  • rushlights - used by the poor because they were cheap
  • oil lamps - used by everyone because they were economical and good
  • candles - used mainly by the church and in late period, less prefered than oil lamps
  • tapers - used to light oil lamps and candles
  • fires - added general illumination to the room, so only lamps or candles were required in specific spots (eg to eat, sew or cook)
  • lantern - used indoors, but more frequently outdoors

Lighting an SCA Feast

How to light a feast with materials from modern shops: