Legio Sextae Outlandium

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Legio Sextae Outlandis (The 6th Legion of the Outlands) is a diverse SCA Household in the Kingdom of the Outlands, identifiable by their household badge of the "VI" numeral wreathed in stag's antlers. Based in the Shire of Drygestan (mundanely Santa Fe, NM) they focus on heavy melee fighting as well as a number of arts and sciences activities. Although

the household has a Roman theme, it is not required to join. They incorporate many cultures and personae in addition to the original Roman members including a Varangian Guard, a Samurai, a Viking, a Landsknecht, a mamluk, a Hoplite, and more. Founded by the Varro family (Titus, Decimus, Atia, and Gnæus)they are a growing household with hopes of contributing to the further glory of the Outlands.

Current Officers:

  • Legatus: Titus Modius Varro
  • Primus Pilus: Decimus Modius Varro
  • Praefectus Castrorum: Artus Heward
  • Centurion: "Gnæus the Puny" Modius Varro
  • Optio: Stavros of Helicon