Legal target areas

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Target areas, where you are allowed to strike your opponent:

  • The torso - considered to be anwhere above the points of the hip, including the groin, shoulder blades, and the areas *between the neck and shoulders are considered to be the torso.
  • The face - between the chin and middle of the forehead, and the area between the ears.
  • The head - the whole neck and head, excluding the face as outlined above.
  • The thigh - One inch above the knee, to the bottom of the hip socket.
  • Hips - area between the bottom of the hip socket, and below the point of the hips.
  • Shoulders - The point of the shoulder down to a line even with the top of the underarm.
  • Arms - shoulder to one inch above the wrist.

Blows that land outside these areas shall not be counted. These target areas are derived from Lochac's combat handbook.